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"You have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

                                                               — Dr. Jane Goodall


1534241517278032.jpgIn July 1960, at the age of 26, Jane Goodall traveled from England to what is now Tanzania, Africa and ventured into the little-known world of wild chimpanzees.

Equipped with little more than a notebook, binoculars, and her fascination with wildlife, Jane braved a realm of unknowns to give the world a remarkable window into humankind's closest living relatives. Through more than 50 years of groundbreaking work, Dr. Jane has not only shown us the urgent need to protect chimpanzees from extinction; she has also redefined species conservation to include the needs of local people and the environment. Today she travels the world, speaking about the threats facing chimpanzees and environmental crises, urging each of us to take action on behalf of all living things and the planet we share.

Dr. Jane believes that every individual can make a difference and that today's young people are some of the most compassionate, creative, solutionaries our world has seen. She founded Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots in order to empower and encourage youth of all ages to pursue their passion, mobilize their peers, and become the leaders our world needs in order to ensure a better future for people, animals, and the environment.


       History timeline of Dr. Jane Goodall 

     1934: Born in London, UK

  •      1960: Started Chimpanzee research in Gombe National Park, Tanzania

  •      1965: Obtained PhD in Ecology from the University of Cambridge

  •      1967: Started the Gombe Research centre for study of Chimpanzees and Baboons

  •      1977: Started the Jane Goodall research Institute, dedicated to wildlife research, conservation and public education.

  •      1987: Won the institute of Animal Rights and Pulitzer award

  •      1989: Won the Encyclopaedia Britannica Award for Excellence on the Dissemination of Learning for the Benefit of Mankind

  •      1991: Established Roots & Shoots to support environmental education for young people

  •      2002: Became an UN ambassador of peace

  •      2004: Was granted Damehood by the Queen of the United Kingdom

  •      2006: Received the 60th Anniversary Medal of the UNESCO



In 1991,Jane Goodall established Roots & Shoots in order to empower and encourage 

youth of all ages to pursue their passion, mobilize their peers, 

and become the leaders our world needs in order to ensure 

a better future for people, animals, and the environment.

Our world needs a different type of leader, one guided by compassionate, 

educated thought, who will make good decisions for our planet.

To educate young people about the interconnectedness 

between nature and human beings, and encourages them 

to take action for our environment, animals, and community.



Hundreds of thousands of Roots & Shoots members all over the world 

are working to improve their communities and be the kinds of leaders that our world needs. 

Join us in our mission!

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Cool Earth 

Human actions have caused global warming and the polar bears’ home to melt at alarming rates! How can we help to cool down Mother Earth? We can start by declaring “We want a cool earth!”

Plastic Patrol

Plastic waste is everywhere, even in the deepest parts of ocean. Plastic is not only harmful for the environment but is also killing our marine life. What can we do? Urge your family to refuse single-use plastic products!

White-Headed Langurs

“Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, will we help.”- Dr. Jane Goodall

The rare white-headed langur is found only in the south of China. These amazing animals are bright orange when they are young but when they get older they turn black and grow crazy white hair on their heads. Help raise awareness to protect an animal rarer than the giant panda.

Bird Watching

Do you ever see a bird soaring above you and wonder what it would be like to fly? Most of us don’t know that each species is very different and unique. Come and learn from specialists just how fascinating and beautiful they are.

Caring for Companion Animal

‘A dog is a man’s best friend’, but are you looking after your companion animal as well as you think you are? They cannot speak our language, so how do you know what they need? Not only do they need love and exercise but also clean water and nutritionally balanced food. Learn how to really look after your companion animal and be a true friend to them as they are to you.

Pangolin Protection

Did you know that pangolins are probably the oldest nocturnal animals on earth? They are easily frightened and so will curl up into a ball when scared. Like all children, the baby pangolins need to stay close to their mothers. Help protect these babies and mothers by raising awareness in your local.